PDFlib TET (Text and Image Extraction Toolkit) reliably extracts text, images and metadata from PDF documents. TET makes available the text contents of a PDF as Unicode strings, plus detailed color, glyph and font information as well as the position on the page. Raster images are extracted in common image formats. TET optionally converts PDF documents to an XML-based format called TETML which contains text and metadata as well as resource information.TET contains advanced content analysis algorithms for determining word boundaries, grouping text into columns and removing redundant text. Using the integrated pCOS interface you can retrieve arbitrary objects from PDF, such as metadata, interactive elements, etc.With PDFlib TET you can:Implement the PDF indexer for a search engineRepurpose text and images in PDFsConvert the contents of PDFs to other formatsProcess PDFs based on their contents, e.g. splitting based on headings (requires PDFlib+PDI in addition to TET)Check wether an area on the page is empty or contains any text, images, or vector graphics